4. I LOVED YOU MORE By Tom Spanbauer

I tried to look for that one article where I first read about I Loved You More. Couldn’t find it anywhere. I know it was either posted by or shared by LitReactor, and that’s yet another reason why I’m so glad I have LitReactor in my life. As soon as I saw that article, read the synopsis, I wanted to have the book.

Last time I fully enjoyed a book (and I mean fell in love with it to a point where I had to pause every few sentences because they’re so beautiful that they make you stop in your tracks,) was when I read The Picture of Dorian Gray. I’ve read many books after that, but none got close enough to have that place in my heart. Of course that was until I read I Loved You More. Tom Spanbauer, the Oscar Wilde of the twenty first century.

It’s a story of a man cast out of the world of men, falling into a complicated relationship that turned into an even more complicated love triangle, and cursed with a health crisis. The delicate and gritty reality of romance and grief, perfectly represented, poignant and palpable.

The book is impeccable, written in language so simple yet so rich and heavy. The vulnerability of it, how real it felt, the pain and joy and longing. You have to go where it hurts goes both ways for writer and reader. It’s not one of those books that go by without leaving its mark. It drew me in right from the beginning, and by the end I was crying.

5/5 easily.
I can’t recommend this enough. In fact, I’m going to look into getting the rest of his books. Seriously, no one writes like this guy.


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