ONE OF US By Iain Rowan

Another North East talent, a must-read. This is a book that managed to take the ordinary, and in a slow, cushioned manner, in deliberately simple language, turn it into something exciting and unusual.

All around this country, you can see people like Anna —doctors, nurses, engineers, all the refugees who had to leave home and come here to get treated like outsiders and second class citizens. In her home country, she was going to be a doctor, but in the UK she worked in the shadows, got paid cash in hand, and lived in poor conditions.

It seemed that no matter where she went, she couldn’t avoid trouble. She slowly delved into the world of criminals and human trafficking, and had to use her wit to stay alive. She’s flawed and perfectly smug as only medical students can be, she’s smart but not a genius, brutal but not cruel, and she’s just as real as my hands on the book.

What I find striking about Iain Rowan’s unmistakable style is that he clearly does the hard work. He’s as far from cliché as one can be without coming off as trying too hard, therefore his book is easy to read and just as easily, it can amaze.


We need more writers like this.


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